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  • 01 Prime contains 4 ounces of pregame fuel designed to help your athlete start stronger by delivering a concentrated blend of carbohydrates and B vitamins for a boost of ready-to-burn energy without the caffeine crash.
  • Did you know 70 percent of athletes show up for athletic events dehydrated? Proper hydration is crucial to your athlete’s ability to perform. That’s why Gatorade is scientifically formulated to keep athletes hydrated and performing at their best by delivering the key electrolytes and carbohydrate energy they need to stay in the game.
  • Your athlete’s body takes a lot of punishment during practices and games. 03 Recover provides hydration and muscle recovery benefits with its specially designed protein replenishment formula. It’s post-game protein recovery to help athletes replenish what they lost and rebuild what they’ll need to do it all again tomorrow.

Articles and Advice for Your Athletes


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Coaches and parents need to be sensitive to the impact that sports experiences can have on their young athletes’ self-concept and self-esteem.


The Meat and Potatoes of Sports Nutrition

Red meat and spuds have gotten a bad rap in recent years, but athletes are realizing they don’t have to cut them from their diet. With the right choices, these “real-food” staples offer great nutritional benefits for active bodies.

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