J.L. Mann Academy

Greenville, SC



press release

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  • 2013
  • State Girls SoccerPlayer of the year
  • 2014

highlighted stats

  • 29Goals
  • 10Assists


“I have watched Jeni play for four years and she gets better every time I see her.”

Elizabeth Williams, head coach of St. Joseph High

athletic excellence

The 5-foot-8 senior midfielder led the Patriots to a 24-0 record and a berth in the Class 4A State Tournament semifinals against Dorman High, scheduled for May 19. Erickson scored 29 goals and passed for 10 assists through 24 games. A 2013 All-Region selection, she entered the postseason final four with 73 goals and 33 assists in her prep soccer career.

academic achievement

Erickson has maintained a weighted 4.54 GPA in the classroom.

exemplary character

The vice president of the J.L. Mann senior class, she has volunteered locally as a youth swim and soccer coach in addition to serving as part of multiple community-service initiatives through her church youth group.


What is your team motto?

Perfection. We do not look at perfection as having the most wins or goals. For us it is whether each person can deliver everything that they possibly can in every practice and game. If we are able to look at our teammates and tell them that we did everything that we possibly could and that we left nothing unsaid or undone, then we played with perfection and thats all that we can ask for.

What one piece of advice do you have for freshman about being a successful high school student athlete?

It’s all about finding what makes you push yourself. You have to figure out what that one thing is that will drive you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. There are a lot of sacrifices that you will have to face if your want to get there, but it’s so worth it once you do! You have to be well rounded as well. Get out and get involved in the community because the lessons you learn will help you become the successful person that you want to be.

What is your favorite highlight from this year?

My favorite highlight from this year was the bonding that our team did on the bus to and from away games. We would sing to Disney Pandora Radio, talk about our goals and obstacles, and get pumped for the game that night. Winning games is always a exciting, but having a great relationship with your team makes it so much sweeter.

What training habit has the most impact on your performance?

The more that we worked on speed of play, the more successful we, as a team, became. Learning how to play quickly and efficiently helps me improve my game. I try to play at game speed in every drill so that I can practice making passes and taking shots that would be effective in a game. Doing this helped me translate new skills into the game and improve my performance.

What have you learned from your coach that you will never forget?

I have learned that a team is not just the people playing on the field. A team is each and every person that wears our J.L Mann jersey. My coach taught me that no matter if you play the full 90 minutes or 10 minutes, you are making an impact. Each person is important and necessary if we want to be victorious.