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Built to adapt to your game, Prime Energy Chews let you call the shots when it comes to energy. Eat all six carb chews before training to prep muscles for action, or in the midst of competition to resupply fuel levels. See carb energy in action.


  • Fruit Punch
    • Fruit Punch
  • Cool Blue
    • Cool Blue
  • Strawberry
    • Strawberry
  • Green Apple
    • Green Apple

What's Inside and Why

*Per 6-chew serving

  • Carbs


    It takes a lot to sustain greatness. Muscles constantly churn through fuel, demanding more and more with every mile, rep and snap. Because your muscles break down carbs quicker than they break down fats, carbs provide a faster, more efficient fuel for muscles engaging in sport.

  • Vitamin B6

    20% DV

    The ultimate team player. As part of a daily diet, B vitamins assist in breaking down carbs into fuel that muscles can readily use.

  • Calories

    100 cals

    They're not the enemy; they're your energy. Your body converts carbs into the energy that, measured in calories, your muscles need to fire.

There's no taking plays off when chasing QBs is your day job. Both before a game and during halftime, J.J. eats a package of Prime Energy Chews. It helps give him the fuel he needs to start strong and finish even stronger.

  • 518,496 Chews Throughout training camp and offseason practices in 2013, NFL teams prepped for action with 518,496 Prime Energy Chews.
  • 14,992 packages It's important to come out firing, even on the ice. In 2012, NHL teams ate 14,992 sleeves of Prime Energy Chews.
  • 75,552 Chews Playing a total of 323 matches in 2012, MLS teams took down 75,552 Prime Energy Chews.
  • Strawberry In the NFL, pink isn't only on the field in October. Strawberry is the most popular flavor of Prime Energy Chews among NFL players all year-round.

Game Within
The Game

Take a closer look at all the small things that go into prepping your body for game time. Science of G.