For Athlete Building.

Formulated specifically for athletes, Gatorade Recover should be consumed right after training or game time. What you break down, Recover helps re-build.

  • How much
    is too much?

    Research shows that consuming more than 20g of protein offers little benefit for a 175lb athlete.

    That’s because the body can only process so much protein at a time. Anything extra that’s not used in recovery is converted into fuel. Unfortunately, this is a very inefficient process that creates very little energy and wastes the true benefit of protein.

  • Quality

    When it comes to protein, consider the source.

    After a workout, you need something that goes to work fast. Milk- and whey-based proteins not only contain amino acids essential to helping rebuild muscle, they also pass through your digestive system easily, starting recovery quickly.

  • Post-Workout

    Getting back to full strength takes more than protein.

    During exercise, you burn through energy stored in muscles and the liver. Replacing this lost energy after training gives muscles the fuel they need to be ready for tomorrow's workout.

Game Within
The Game.

Discover why muscles break down and how protein builds them back up. Science of G.