Jon & Jason
Jon: 9x marathon finisher, 1x 70.3 finisher.
Jason: 11x marathon finisher, 2x 70.3 finisher.
Jon and Jason are identical twins, who have been competing with or against each other since the day they were born. Once team sport athletes they have now turned to marathons and triathlons to find the competitive spirit.
2x marathon finisher, 4x half marathon finisher.
Lauren runs for her daughter, who she is not sure will ever be able to walk or run during her life.
39x Marathon Finisher, 50k finisher, 50 miler finisher.
After losing all her hair at age 2, Lindsay was diagnosed with Alopecia, but through running she has learned to love, accept, and embrace her bald head.
3x marathon finisher,
8x half marathon finisher.
Nathan's life froze after a traumatic assault left him hospitalized with severe injuries. Running became the only thing to keep him moving forward.
5x Half Marathon Finisher.
After being dianosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation Type I, Michael started running as a means to fight and put mind over matter.
14x Marathon Finisher and IRONMAN finisher.
A former collegiate soccer player, Michelle turned to running just as she was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer at the age of 29.
27x IRONMAN finisher and 10x IRONMAN Kona Qualifier.
61yr old, Judy Daggett, is a 9x IRONMAN World Champion finisher, and is about to line up for her 10th consecutive IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
3x IRONMAN Finisher and Kona Qualifier.
As a lawyer with demanding hours, Tom is trying to find the balance between work and sport to achieve his goals.
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Gatorade Endurance Ambassador
1x IRONMAN, 12+ 70.3 Finisher, 4x Marathoner
After 12yrs of being in the endurance sport world, Rob has found that the "athlete" part is just "icing on the cake".
Gatorade Endurance Ambassador
3x Marathoner, 4x 70.3 Finisher
Cody turned to running as a way to stay competitive after his wrestling days were over, but it wasn't easy figuring out how to tackle the marathon distance.
Gatorade Endurance Ambassador
1x Marathoner, 10+ Half Marathoner, IRONMAN 70.3 Finisher,
and 15x Olympic distance finsher
Growing up playing baseball and struggling with his weight, Jimmy took up running, as a means to get fitter. Little did he know that joining the track team would lead to one day completing a half Ironman.
Gatorade Endurance Ambassador
5x Marathoner, 10+ Half Marathoner, 15+ Olympic Triathlon Finisher,
10x IRONMAN 70.3 finisher, 1x IRONMAN
When Amanda first got into triathlon, putting her face in the water was a challenge, but that didn't stop her, and now she's been doing triathlons for 8yrs.
Gatorade Endurance Ambassador
70+ Marathoner, Ultra Marathoner, 3x IRONMAN finisher,
and countless IRONMAN 70.3
After 70+ marathons, Dave is still in love with running. It is something that just has always been a part of him, and he has no plans to slow down any time soon.
Marathoner and Ultra Marathoner
This year Ana has had to overcome more than she ever expected, through the loss of her husband. She has bounced back with resilience that is inspiring and embraces the spirit of sport, bringing others along her positive journey to each finish line.
1x Marathoner, Boston Qualifier
As a mother of two, running is the foundation of Danielle's "me time", while also setting big goals for herself.
15x Marathoner
David continues to prove to himself what is possible, even in the midst of overcoming one of the scariest moments in his life - having a pulmonary embolism.
3x Marathoner, 10x Half Marathoner
For Danielle, running is more than just exercising the body, it is about freeing her mind.
First time Marathoner, 1x Half-Marathon
A track athlete, turned couch potato, Jon was re-inpsired to start running again after his aunt lost her battle to cancer.
Mary Kate Callahan
Elite Paratriathlete & 6x Marathoner
Mary Kate is redefining what possible means, as she trains for the road to Tokyo 2020.
1st time IRONMAN Finisher!
1x IRONMAN 70.3, 1x Marathon, 4x Half-Marathon
Turning miles into smiles is Julie's motto - as she has been empowered by the endurance community to use sport to do good in the world.
6x Marathon, 11x Half-Marathon
Marty's story isn't just one of weight loss but how a new hobby can turn into dreams and goals. Now he is on the road to completing all of the majors and earning his six-star medal.
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