Athlete Story


3x marathon finisher, 8x half marathon finisher

The privilege of running means more to Nathan now, than it ever has. In summer 2013, Nathan was brutally assaulted leaving him hospitalized with severe injuries. He had always put running on the back burner, but after years of battling PTSD, he had had enough.

Running mile after mile, day after day, propelled Nathan into strength and resilience. Running, sometimes seen as a means of punishment - running laps if you're late to gym class, or at the end of a practice, is the last perception Nathan has of running. Running has been a gift that has brought his emotional well-being back to full strength.

He recalls training for his first marathon, "During that 7-month training program, I not only grew stronger physically, but that was the pinnacle of my recovery both emotionally and mentally, and it was the on the day of that first marathon when I hobbled across the finish line that I realized how it has changed me. Running is now what I do to keep the peace of mind that I need to continue to be my best self."

Nathan has been training for his 4th marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon, and will be lining up on the start line this Sunday, November 3rd. After learning Gatorade Endurance is on course, he was eager to include this in his training program. Nathan believes consistency in any program is the key to achieving our goals. Now with adding Gatorade Endurance into his training plan, he feels he is able to fuel his runs without depriving his body of what it requires to train regularly. He shares, "I found previously that my fueling was lacking consistency but with Gatorade Endurance, I know what I'm getting, and how it's helping my body on those long runs & races."

We can't wait to cheer you on and support you all the way to the finish line on Sunday, Nathan!
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