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Gatorade x Caitlin Clark

Limited Edition Drop

Limited edition box included
Caitlin Clark bottle
Features Caitlin Clark’s signature design and jersey number.
Caitlin Clark towel
Lush, lightweight cotton and polyester blend “Dream Big” towel.
Get this exclusive capsule, designed in collaboration with Caitlin Clark to inspire you to Dream Big.
  • Caitlin Clark’s “Dream Big” motto is brought to life through the words on the bottle and the cloud illustrations, which represent aiming high with your goals.
  • The number 22 is clearly visible, a nod to both Clark’s jersey number and her birthday.
  • Known for her shooting ability, the three-point line is present alongside a basketball and a net, all of which underscore her consistent focus on the game.
  • Bottle features gator-skin grip, contoured shape, high-flow valve, and a DIY customizable ID ring
  • Towel is made with lightweight cotton polyester blend and is machine washable, at the perfect size to drape over your shoulder
Caitlin Clark collaboration: bottle & towel
Caitlin Clark collaboration: bottle & towel