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How to use the Gx Sweat Patch

Gatorade sweat patch
Athlete wearing sweat patch using Gx app for monitoring

To get started, download the Gx App.

For the Sweat Patch to work properly, keep in mind that the temperature should be between 47-95 °F and the workout duration should be between 20-120 minutes. Download: Apple store | Google play

Athlete working out

Before workout, apply the patch to your inner left forearm.

Clean and sanitize your inner left forearm before applying the patch. Make sure there is no lotion, sunscreen, or spray tanner on your skin. Let the area dry, so it’s free of sweat or moisture. Firmly press down for 10 seconds to seal the patch.

Athlete wearing sweat patch with basketball

Work out for 20 minutes to 2 hours while wearing the Sweat Patch

The orange channel doesn’t need to fill completely, but you’ll need to see some color in the sweat rate (orange) channel to get a result.

At the end, scan your patch with the Gx App to see results.

Scan before your cool down or other workout activities while it’s still on your arm after your activity. Make sure there’s enough light on the patch and you’re not moving when you take the photo. That’s it! You saved your first sweat profile in Gx. You can reuse this profile for the same activity in similar conditions in the future.

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