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Gx Pod

Gatorade electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate

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The sodium and potassium in Gatorade Thirst Quencher helps replace the electrolytes that are lost in sweat
  • Contains the same electrolytes as the traditional Gatorade Thirst Quencher bottle
  • Designed to work with the Gatorade Custom Bottle, Gx Bottle, and Gx Jug (sold separately)
  • Pods make it easy to bring extra Gatorade wherever you go
  • Reduces waste created by empty plastic containers and disposable bottles

Complete your Gx System

Gatorade smart bottle in gray
Personalize lid
Smart Gx Water Bottle
Gx Stainless Steel Black Bottle with Lid
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Gx Stainless Steel Bottle
Over +3 customizations available.
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Personalize handle
Gx Jug
Over + 6 customizations available.
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Gx Water Bottle
Over +10 customizations available.
Pod inserted in Gx bottle

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Glacier Freeze Pod Product Tile
This product
Gx Pod (12 pods)
  • On the go

  • Refuel with carbs and electrolytes

  • 1 pod makes 30oz

  • Zero sugar options available: Grape and Frost Glacier

gatorade zero glacier freeze powder packet
Gatorade Zero Powder (30 sticks)
  • On the go hydration

  • 1 packet makes 15oz

  • Electrolytes to rehydrate, zero sugar

Gatorade zero lemon lime tablets hero
Gatorade Zero Tablets (3 tubes)
  • On the go

  • Replenish with electrolytes

  • 1 tablet makes 15-20oz

  • Zero sugar

gatorlyte cherry lime powder
Gatorlyte (18 sticks)
  • On the go

  • Rapid rehydration

  • 20oz ready-to-drink bottle

  • Made with a 5-electrolyte blend

Gatorade's sustainability packaging will help save 40 billion plastic bottles by 2030