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Smart Gx Bottles

The 30oz Smart Gx Bottle’s electronic cap sensors light up to indicate your hydration levels, and pairs with the Sweat Patch and Gx App to help you reach your fitness goals.

Smart Gx Bottle Zion Williamson
Personalize lid
Zion Williamson
Current: $69.99.
Smart Gx Bottle in Tech Gray Product Tile
Personalize lid
Tech Gray
Current: $69.99.

The 30oz Smart Gx Bottle has electronic cap sensors that light up to indicate your hydration levels

Introducing the Smart Gx Bottle — Gatorade's tech-enabled squeeze bottle to help you set and track your daily hydration goals. Track your fluid intake with cap lights that indicate your progress towards your daily hydration goal. The Smart Gx Bottle is fully integrated into the Gx app – a personalized nutrition & training platform that helps optimize workouts.

The cap has a sensor that calculates how much liquid is in the bottle when it’s resting on a flat surface. The sensor measures the distance between it and the top of the liquid, then subtracts that from the bottle’s known total volume. This measurement shows know how much liquid has been consumed over a period of time.

Build your smart Gx hydration system